Pictures and images don´t have to be attached to a wall necessarily! Now we have the perfect solution. Any product will be customized according to your very special needs. Just imagine a complete furniture of your living room or bathroom. Everything is possible: tables, cabinets, doors -all manufactured with different types of wood!
Together with Chaluk a design will created and combined with pictures taken by the artist. Of course you can choose your desired images out of the huge portfolio.  
Not to mention that there will still be space for any additional creative idea, like lighting or options to change or re-arrange the pictures.  "Chaluk Interior" provides a variety of opportunities for your home or office.

However if you want to arrange the images in the traditional way, you may purchase special frames too.
Join Chaluk Interior and we re-arrange your home into your own private gallery.

Do you have questions? Contact us through the contact form or directly with an E-Mail to
Bar with the picture "STILL WORKING" of TRIPLET